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Fort Steilacoom to Fort Bellingham Military Road


Presenter:  Karen Meador


Presented at the Whatcom Museum by author and historian, Karen Meador on October 9th, 2014.


Presenter:  George Mustoe


Have you ever wondered what was under the ground we walk on? Would you have guessed there's a maze of coal tunnels beneath Bellingham? Geologist George Mustoe presents a telling of the story of coal mining in Whatcom County, the region's first industry, spanning 1853 to 1955.


Presenters: Todd Warger and John D'onofrio


An hour of unique images and marvelous stories by John D'Onofrio and Todd Warger from their new book, Images of America: Mount Baker. This fascinating, illustrated talk was presented at the Whatcom Museum and was recorded by BTV10.


Presenters:  Wes Gannaway & Kent Hoelsather


Showing the history and evolution of fast food and the car.

Presenter: Whatcom Museum Photo Archivist Jeff Jewell


Take a tour of Bellingham's most iconic architectural landmark with Whatcom Museum Photo Archivist Jeff Jewell.


Presenter:  Brian Griffin


Bellingham Author and Historian Brian Griffin talks about the early history of Bellingham and the people who were integral in its growth including J.J. Donovan, a train and lumber magnate. The presentation was held at Whatcom County Museum in Bellingham.



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